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End of the Year Book Tradition

I came across this fun little tradition on Pinterest a few years back and kept it in my back pocket until my kids were school-age.

Here's a quick HOW-TO:

  1. Choose a children's book, usually something inspiring or motivational that they will appreciate the message when they get older. I chose The Wonderful Things You Will Be but if you want more options you can find my book list below.

  2. Premise: Each year you give your child's teacher the book to sign, leave a note (favorite memory, inspirational words etc.) and have them return it to you.

  3. Write or print out a pre-made letter explaining what the book tradition and include it with the book. I recommend placing it in front of the book so it doesn't seem like a gift FOR the teacher.

  4. By the time your child graduates, they will have notes from all their teachers throughout the years. I plan on gifting mine as part of a high school graduation present, but its totally up to you when you decided to gift it.

>> Find additional book options HERE [Affiliate link]


Q: What do I do when my child has multiple teachers (upper grades)?

A: I plan on finding out who their favorite teacher after a few months of school, and having that one (or two) teacher(s) sign.

Q: When do I give the book to the teacher to sign?

A: As a former teacher, I suggest giving at least 3-4 weeks BEFORE the final week of school. The end of the year is so busy and teacher's would appreciate the extra time to finish this favor. Even giving it after Spring Break would work perfectly!

If you don't want to write your own accompanying letter you can use my FREE PRINTABLE by clicking the link below!

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There are 3 options, a pink version, a blue version, and a neutral yellow version.

Additional Suggestions:

- Have a special bag or large envelope to keep the book safe. I had a blank canvas drawstring bag that I added some HTV (heat transfer vinyl) to, but a padded mailer envelope would work just as well and you can wrap it nicely right before gifting.

- A teacher friend suggested including a small token of appreciation, like a $5 gift card for coffee. Teachers have so much on their plates already, so it would be a nice gesture.

Would you try this tradition with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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Nicolle Mallinson
Nicolle Mallinson

Melody this is adorable! I am totally going to be using your printable! I would love to invite you to come share and link up over at my weekly link party that goes every Wednesday-Sunday. It's a great way to connect with other creators and help expand your audience. Love this idea my friend, pinned too! Here is the link for the link party

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