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DIY Hocus Pocus Clothespin Witches

My favorite Halloween movie of all time is Hocus Pocus. This cult-classic pairs perfectly with trick or treating, spooky story-telling, and pumpkin carving!

This DIY turns old-fashioned wooden clothespins into the most iconic of Halloween characters, Sarah, Mary, and of course Winifred.




Wooden Clothespins

Tulle ribbon

Pom Pom Maker

Twine or String



Sharpie markers (Black, Red, Pink)


Step 1: Begin by painting the clothes and hair onto the clothes pins. Let dry completely.

Step 2: While the dolls are drying, begin to make your tutu skirts by twirling some tulle fabric around your pom pom maker. You only need 1 layer, just enough to cover it.

Step 3: Cut the tulle down the middle using a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 4: Wrap twine or string around the middle, just as you would a pom pom, but only make a single knot.

Step 5: Carefully remove the tulle from the pom pom maker and use your finger as a place holder inside the center.

Step 6: Insert the clothespin into the hole where your finger was.

Step 7: Tighten the first knot and then double knot to secure to the doll.

Step 8: Adjust the tulle to your liking and hot glue the underside to keep in place.

Step 9: Trim any excess tulle with scissors.

Step 10: Create the hair by hot gluing shaped card stock to the top of the head.

Step 11: Wrap the cardstock piece with the appropriate color yarn. Using hot glue to secure along the way.

Step 12: Use the marker to add eyes and a mouth.

TIP: When adding the clothing details, I used a metallic sharpie marker for more precision than a paint brush.

I was pretty excited about the final product and my daughter loved them! If I had to go back and do it over though, I'd definitely not use tulle that had glitter in it. Though it may look pretty, it sheds a ton so hand washing after handling them was necessary.

Another option for these cute dolls, add some string loops to the top and hang them on a Halloween tree! Let me know in the comments which of the Sanderson sisters is your favorite?

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