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DIY Felt Candy Corn Plush

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

When it comes to Halloween candy, the age-old question still remains --Candy Corn: edible or strictly decorative?

For our family it's definitely the latter! Love the colors but hate the taste (sorry, not sorry). I made this fun little candy corn plush to decorate my daughter's room during spooky season. We love being able to switch up her decor, right down to her pillows and sheets!

This project takes less than an hour to complete, and would make a great addition to a Halloween BOO Basket!


Felt ( I went non-traditional and added pink along with orange, white, and yellow)


Hot Glue Gun + Glue



Step 1: Take the white piece of felt and fold it in half. Cut, then fold it in half again and cut. You'll end up with 4 quarter-sized sheet of felt. Take 2 of those pieces and stack them. Set aside.

Step 2: Take the orange sheet of felt and fold then cut lengthwise. Stack the two pieces. Repeat for the remaining color(s).

Step 3: Arrange the pieces in the order that you want, with the white smaller piece on top.

Step 4: Lay the parts out as if they were one piece, and use a pen or skinny marker to trace a triangular shape for your candy corn. Use a measuring tape or ruler to make sure your sides are even.

Step 5: Carefully cut out your shape, using the lines you made. Since your pieces are stacked, you'll end up with two identical felt pieces. Slowly pull each section so the slightly overlap (my felt sections overlapped by 0.5 inches)

I'm holding back the top layer to show you the bottom layer underneath

Step 6: Repeat for both layers, use the same measurement to ensure they are identical and so they will line up to form the front and back of the plush.

Step 7: Hot glue together your front and back pieces along the edges, leaving half the length of the bottom open to put in your filling. Fill with Poly-fil until you reach your desired fullness.

TIP: Poly-fil does flatten over time so don't be afraid to over-stuff your plush!

Step 8: Close the bottom using hot glue.

I decided to trim some of the felt to round out the edges of my candy corn and added even more filling before finally gluing it closed.


Add a face using black felt and hot glue

Does your family enjoys eating candy corn or just decorating with it?

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