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Back to School Teacher Gift Idea

Just like that, Summer is coming to a close! After an unplanned hiatus from the blog (I blame #momlife), I've returned with some fun Back To School Ideas! Since Izzy is starting preschool this August, I wanted to do a few fun things to make her first school experience enjoyable.

This ABC-themed gift would make the perfect first day 'hello' for the teachers and/or school staff that will be spending so much time with our littles this school year! I found these fun apple containers from Target Bullseye section, but you can use a number of different things to use as a 'gift box' like a pencil/ pen holder, pencil box, small crate, etc. The larger the container, the more possibilities for what you can put inside! TIP: Use a container that teachers can use again for their desk or classroom!

Here are some fun options for what you can put inside the apple containers, if you can pick some up or something similar in size.


- Adhesive Washi Tape

- (mini) Alphabet flashcards

- Alarm (classroom timer)

- Apple-shaped eraser

- Apple Sticky Notes


- Binder Clips

- Black Sharpie Marker (miniature)

- (mini) Ballpoint Pens

- Stress Ball

- Bookmark (foldable/ magnetic/ corner)


- Candy/ Chocolate

- Coffee (or any Gift Card)

- (mini) Colored Sharpies

- Craft Glue (glue sticks) or Crazy glue

- pocket Calendar

You can find the mini Sharpie markers, binder clips, and adhesive washi tape on my Amazon Storefront HERE.

(Affiliate Link)

However you choose to put this together, I'm sure they'll be a hit :) Alternatively you could use this in May during teacher apprection!

You can grab the FREE Printable Pencil Tag by clicking HERE!

The FREE printable has 2 versions on a single page (as shown above).

After printing, you cut it out and fold the pencil in the middle so that it is double sided. I used double-sided tape to put mine together but you could also use glue. Then hole-punch the eraser part and use yarn or string to attach to your gift!

Find a quick video of how I put it all together on my Instagram @melodyinthemaking

Comment down below if you have a child starting school for the first time this year of if you're a veteran Back to School parent.

Happy Back to School season!

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Kelsie Gilmorr
Kelsie Gilmorr
Aug 02, 2023

So cute! Definitely trying this. Where is the pretty green ribbon from? I didn’t see it on the storefront

Aug 02, 2023
Replying to

It's just chunky yarn from Michaels!


Sep 11, 2022

This is the cutest gift ever. I am gonna have to try it next time to show my appreciation for teachers.

Apr 04, 2023
Replying to

Hope you give it a try!!

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